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Our Tested Safety and Security Films Protect People and Property:

  1.  Eliminating Flying Glass Shards When Natural Disasters, Explosions and Other Incidents Cause High Winds and Flying Debris                                                               
  2.  Maintaining the Building Envelope by Holding Glass in Place When Vandalism, Thieves and Severe Weather Damage Attack.                                                               
  3.  Meeting Human Impact Standards to Significantly Reduce Risk to Safety

Our Premium Window Films Will Benefit Your Home:

  1. Stop over 99% of the Ultraviolet          Radiation                                                            

  2. Reject Excessive Heat                                       
  3. Eliminate Harsh Glare                                        
  4. Lower Energy Consumption Resulting in Savings
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Many of your neighbors have already installed our virtually invisible film on their windows. Like them you can protect your valued home furnishings from fading, reduce your energy costs and make your home much more comfortable. 

Your home is one of the largest investments in your life.  Tens of thousands of dollars are invested in your furniture, window treatments, works of art, flooring and cabinetry so that you and your family are able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Like many of the fine homes around you, your house has more than the average amount of glass. While these windows brighten your home, you may also know that they allow in one of the most destructive forces of nature?

The sun’s energy streams into your home, lighting it and making it warm.  While this light is welcome, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is also pouring into the home.  This ultraviolet energy (UV), which is recognized as one of the leading causes of skin cancer, is also the leading cause of damage to your furnishings. UV rays pass through virtually all types of glass, silently robbing your furnishings of their natural beauty and harming your family with their presence.

Delicate fabrics, paints and dyes lose their original brilliance and color and start to look drab and lifeless. As UV rays continue to attack your furnishings they become brittle and rotten and fade away to a bleached color.  The finish on your wood items (both furniture and wood window sills) starts to crack and small check marks start to appear exposing the wood underneath. Works of art begin to fade causing irreparable damage to expensive pieces.  The list goes on and on…

Our easy affordable solution which blocks over 99% of the harmful UV rays is even recommended by designers, decorators and architects around the world!

Imagine a virtually invisible film which instantly absorbs over 99% of the ultraviolet radiation, preventing it from reaching your furnishings. This will eliminate much of the fading that occurs over time and is used by museums around the world to protect their artifacts and archives.  This film comes in different light transmissions (shades) and can also control harsh glare, excessive heat gain in the summer and heat loss during the cold winter months.  Our premium window films should not be confused with dark automotive tint. It is not dark, does not discolor like cheap window tints and it doesn’t bubble, peel or fade.  In fact, most of our films are so neutral, the only way you know they are there is by the comfort they provide.

To Find out if our window film would be beneficial to you, please take a look around your home and answer the following questions:

1- Have you made a significant investment in furniture, works of art, window treatments, flooring?
2- Do you like naturally sunlit rooms, without excessive heat, glare and fading?
3- At certain times of day, is it uncomfortable to sit or stand near your windows?
4- Are there hot and cold areas in your home?
5- Do you notice harsh glare (or reflections from water, cars, houses, decks, etc.?
6- Do you constantly have blinds or shades drawn even though you prefer to see out?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, we have a window film that will protect your home!

Thank You for the time you spent learning about how to protect your furnishings. Please call us or fill out the “send us a message portion” in the “Contact Us” tab to arrange a demonstration in the comfort of your own home.  There is no cost or obligation involved – we will simply measure the UV levels in your home, show you samples and provide a written quotation of cost.





Our Selection of Window Films Can Help You Manage Your Business:

  1.  Increasing Comfort Levels                                                              
  2.  Improving Aesthetics.                                                         
  3.  Lowering Your Business Environment’s Energy Costs                                                                           
  4.  As they Add Lasting Value, Our Window Films Start working the minute they are installed

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